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95% DOP and HEPA/ULPA Filters

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are designed to screen particles larger than 0.3 µm with an efficiency of 99.99%. HEPA filters are used in many industries including, pharmaceutical manufacturing, Bio-Tech, Bio-Electronics, Aerospace, Hospitals, and more. Standard HEPA, High Capacity HEPA, Panel Filters, and High temperature filters are several styles available.

Ultra low particulate air (ULPA) filters are 99.9995% efficient in removing particles 0.12 µm and larger. ULPA filters are used in air filtration and purification systems to control airborne particulate levels and to stop the spread of toxic agents and infectious

Alpha 95-95% DOP HEPA Filter

Flanders Alpha 95 filters are designed for use in HVAC applications requiring cleaner air than is possible with ASHRAE rated filters, but where HEPA filtered air is not required. The filters are rated at 95% efficiency on 0.30 micrometer particles by the DOP test method. The Alpha 95 is rated MERV 17 per ASHRAE Standard 52.2. Alpha 95 filters are identical in design and construction to the Alpha Cell HEPA filters except that the media is 95% efficient on 0.30 micrometer particles.

Alpha Cell - Standard Capacity HEPA Filter

Flanders offers a complete line of Alpha Cell HEPA Filters in various efficiencies to meet the needs of critical applications where HEPA filtration is required. Individual testing, rigid quality control and modern assembly methods are used to ensure conformance to specifications. Alpha Cell HEPA and ULPA Filters are either UL 900 Class 1 or Class 2 listed.

Alpha 2000 - High Capacity HEPA Filter

The Alpha 2000 High Capacity HEPA filter is available in a nominal 12” depth configuration. It is designed for optimum performance and low operating costs in both new and replacement systems. The Alpha 2000 saves space, energy, and material and labor costs with 40% more media area than the standard capacity Alpha Cell filter.

Alpha Cell-E – Economy HEPA Filter

Economy HEPA filter (99.97% at 0.3µm) for various applications requiring HEPA efficiency at a low cost. The Alpha Cell E meets no UL or IEST requirements.

Alpha-HT - High Temperature HEPA Filter

Flanders manufactures metal-frame separator-style HEPA filters for applications with high-temperature requirements up to 1,000°F (540°C) for exhaust air only and 500°F (260°C) for supply air. High-temperature filters are available with either a gasket or fluid seal. Filters with Blu-Jel® Fluid Seal have a maximum service temperature of 390°F (199°C)

Super-Flow 24 - High Velocity HEPA Filter

Flanders Super-Flow®24 is a V-bed HEPA filter (99.99% at 0.30 micrometer) specifically designed for high airflow applications requiring HEPA efficiency at an ultra low-pressure drop. The Super-Flow®24 can be incorporated into systems with air velocities of 600 fpm and a pressure drop of 1.0-inch w.g.

Radial Flow

HEPA filter.  Filter efficient from H12 per EN 1822.

Nipple Connected

HEPA filter.  Filter efficiences from H10 - U15 per EN 1822.  Available with aluminum separators or with separatorless medial.


HEPA Housings and Holding Frames

B-1 Frame - Holding Frame for Gasketed HEPA Filters

Alpha Frame - Holding Frame for HEPA Filters and Prefilter Holding Assembly

Surelock B - Bolt Lock HEPA Filter Housing

C3 (Gasket Seal) and C4 (Fluid Seal) Side Access Housing - Crank Lock HEPA Filter Housing


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