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Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV for short, is a filter rating system devised by ASHRAE, the American Society of Heating,
Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers, to standardize and simplify air filter efficiency ratings for the public.  The higher the MERV rating, the more effective the air filter.  Simply stated, a MERV 13 filter will remove larger amounts of small particles from the air than a MERV 4 filter.

MERV ratings allow you to effectively compare one type or brand of filter to another. National Air Filtration Association User’s Guide for
ASHRAE Standard 52.2-2007 shows MERV 13 & above are the appropriate application in general surgery, hospitals, and health care facilities.

Pre-Pleat M13 - Merv 13, LEED Compliant Filter

Pre Pleat M13 pleated panel filters are the ideal choice to achieve the minimum efficiency requirements of LEED® Green Building design. The low initial resistance of the M13 can also contribute an overall strategy of reducing energy consumption. Its one-inch, two-inch or four-inch depth makes MERV 13 upgrades as trouble-free as a direct replacement for most commercial and industrial applications.

pre pleat califilters

Pre Pleat 40 LPD - MERV 8 Pleated Filter
Distinctions can be made in air filter technology. Flanders is committed to continuously developing new and improved products to assist in an environmentally responsible, healthy, and prosperous environment. Flanders Pre Pleat 40 LPD achieves the highest dust holding capacity and the lowest pressure drop in the industry, while maintaining a mechanical MERV 8 per ASHRAE Standard 52.2-2007. Classified UL 900 Class 2

VP-MERV 8 - Pleated Filter
The VP-MERV 8 Pleated filter achieves MERV 8 efficiency with low resistance to airflow per ASHRAE 52.2-2007. Its filtering medium does not rely on electrostatic charge to capture particulate which will dissipate over time and during use. Our newest pleated filter, the VP-MERV 8 is an environmentally friendlier filter than the conventional beverage board framed filter. It uses 20% fewer fibers; fewer fibers equal real savings and supports environmental source reduction programs.

Pre Pleat - Class 1 Pleated Filter
This pleated air filter is designed for applications where a UL Class 1 fire rated filter is required and metal frame filters are unsuitable because of disposal problems. The Pre Pleat Class 1 pleated air filter has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories, Incorporated and found to meet the stringent performance characteristics of a Class 1 air filter for flammability, as outlined in Standard 900. Class 1 air filter units are described as "Those that, when clean, do not contribute fuel when attacked by flame and emit only negligible amounts of smoke.”

Pre Pleat - High Temperature
Flanders Pre Pleat HT filters are designed for increased air filtration efficiencies in an operating environment where temperatures reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Typical examples include air intakes for drying ovens or high temperature baking applications.

Pre Pleat HV - High Velocity Pleated Filter

The Pre Pleat HV pleated filter from Flanders Precisionaire is designed to operate in high velocity and turbulent air applications where standard pleated filters have a tendency to fail. They are ideal for gas turbine and rotary machinery equipment or any area requiring a pleated filter to operate under demanding use. PrePleat HV filters are offered in the most popular face sizes in 2” and 4” depths.

Pre Pleat 62RM11 - MERV 11 Pleated Filter
Pre Pleat 62RM11 pleated panel filter enables a significant upgrade in collection efficiency over existing MERV 8 products at the same resistance levels. A 25-30% average efficiency filter can be upgraded to 60-65% efficiency at roughly the same resistance levels.


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