California Air Purification Sales, Inc.

California Air Purification Sales, Inc. offers configuration, installation, and reminder services to help in your
energy & building cost savings.

AAF.Flanders offers the first ever truly inclusive Life Cycle Cost analysis software package.  This program will be the one that
tells you the WHOLE story.  Flanders has developed a Total Operational Cost Matrix (TOCM) software package to assist in          
selecting the proper air filter combinations for your applications and to also evaluate current selections.  The software
takes a whole system approach looking at filters life expectancy, energy consumption and lastly filter change-out frequency
and costs incurred.

California Air Purification Sales, Inc., has the expertise and knowledge in the industry to offer a broad range of skills & tools
to help you select the appropriate air filter with the right fit to keep the total cost of your installations at the lowest possible level
while maintaining their efficiency during their entire lifetime.

Our approach assures our clients that we will assist in supporting their requirements for air quality, a well as their overall cost
reduction efforts by ensuring the lifecycle efficiency.                             



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