California Air Purification Sales, Inc.
Glovebox, Isolator, K-Trac


Flanders Glovebox and other process enclosures are designed to allow one to manipulate objects where a separate atmosphere is desired. We are committed to delivering a high quality product that meets the customer’s requirements. Stainless steel construction with a material traceability is our specialty. A variety of surface finishes are available. Flanders operates under an NQA-1 Nuclear Quality Assurance Program. This is important in that your Glovebox will be designed, manufactured, inspected and tested under the same strict requirements as the units being built for the Nuclear Industry.


As each customer is unique, we believe that each Glovebox / Isolator is unique also. An extensive Design and Review Process is integrated into each Order. Solid Modeling Design aids the end user in the ability to study the size, placement and ergonomics of each device prior to manufacturing. This ability places the user’s needs at the forefront of each unit. Special material of fabrication, coatings, finishes and ancillary devices are common to our production facility. Flanders stands ready to research, design, specify and manufacture to the exacting demands of each unit application

K-Trac - Modular Front Load Filter Framing System

K-Trac Filter Framing Modules are used for ASHRAE rated filters 2 in. to 36 in. in depth. K-Trac Modules are complete factory-designed units which replace multiple field-erected holding frames. They also provide inherent structural strength and leak-proof assembly that is sometimes lacking in frame-type installations. K-Trac framing members are factory-cut to length, pre-drilled and gasketed for easy and quick assembly. Simple tools and light labor are all that is required. Filters are easily inserted or removed and require no clips or fasteners. Filters are angled into the upper track, and then set into the lower track.


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