California Air Purification Sales, Inc.

California Air Purification Sales, Inc. (CAPs) offers the complete line of AAF.Flanders environmental filtration systems.

Flanders Precisionaire filters ranging in performance from Merv 6 to Merv 14. Pleated filters, Hi-efficiency box & bag filters,
HEPA/ULPA filters, Rigid & Carbon filters.  


Flanders CSC/Containment air filtration systems.  Air filters for high quality, high efficiency systems designed to capture dangerous toxic,
or noxious airborne contaminants, both gaseous and particulate, and to contain them until disposed of properly.  Meeting the needs of
industrial, research and military facilities that handle dangerous biological, radiological or carcinogenic materials.

For over 60-Years, AAF.Flanders Corporation has served as the foremost leader in air filtration. 

The best in quality and performance, Flanders industrial air filtration solutions are designed to exceed your expectations


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