California Air Purification Sales, Inc.

It's not just air, it's the source of life.

Cleaner air means better health, well being and a more green, less costly environment.  

Requirements for indoor air quality vary depending on the type of industrial and commercial applications in your environment.

California Air Purification Sales, Inc. (CAPS) provides the entire environmental line of air filtration products . Our business is to provide our
customers with a complete line of high quality ASHRAE Merv pleats, Rigid filters, bags, HEPA/ULPA, ESD & Channel 22 Hoods as well as Bag in Bag Out
Containment systems

CAPS represents the largest portfolio of products from Flanders and AAF ( American Air Filter).

Quality products that provide you savings in energy, labor & waste, and assist you in obtaining LEED certification & green sustainability goals.


We are a distributor of air filtration products for HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning ) systems that are used by leading names in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, micro-technology and nuclear industries. 
Leading manufacturers of supply and exhaust filtration systems and containment systems, supplying some of the most advanced facilities in the world.


            Keeping California's Air Clean


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